GoGrid is making noise as a small cloud IaaS-focused provider with a fixed-size, paid-by-the-VM, Xen-virtualized IaaS as a public cloud and private cloud. According to research firm Gartner, GoGrid is among the top five public cloud IaaS providers in the use of VMs.

Cloud infrastructure provider GoGrid announced on Tuesday that it has appointed three new executives to its management team. GoGrid named Heather McKelvey as vice president of engineering, Bryta Schulz as VP of marketing, and Dave Smith as VP of global sales.

Cloud hosting provider GoGrid said on Thursday that it is contributing the development of new big data technologies by contributing cloud computing resources to hack/reduce, a nonprofit research group based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

GoGrid is a cloud hosting service, and operates Linux and Windows virtual machines. Their Hybird Hosting allows customers to provision virtual and dedicated servers on the same network. They also offer colocation services.

Gogrid provide a secure user platform intended to outlast the viruses and malwares. Their latest operating system allows data backup and offers a faster and more secure data storage option for the enterprises.

One of the biggest lessons learned by many of Salesforce.com's 2.1 million global subscribers, following the cloud computing giant's recent catastrophic power outage, is that support problems don't disappear when applications or infrastructures move to the cloud.

A failure of this magnitude highlights the need for end-users to first align their own internal support infrastructures with their cloud provider's before signing any agreement...This effectively raises the stakes when it comes to selecting an appropriate cloud service and dependable service provider.

Of course, even a watertight SLA is not a guarantee of a service provider's reliability, but more of an indication or guide as to how the company will react in a time of trouble.

A good example is cloud provider GoGrid's '10 000% guaranteed SLA'...it is clear GoGrid is offering a 100% uptime guarantee...

Cloud infrastructure provider GoGrid announced on Thursday that GoGrid server images with IBM's BigInsights and Streams are now available.

With the integrated solution, IBM partners that need to analyze large volumes of unstructured data or build big data applications based on Apache Hadoop can use the pre-built GoGrid server images.

"Solving today's big data challenges requires cutting-edge software and infrastructure, and this business partnership brings together the best of both," Bruce Weed, program director of global business development for IBM said in a statement. "GoGrid's automated cloud infrastructure platform and IBM's big data software work together to let businesses build SaaS and PaaS applications to address their need to analyze vast amounts of information."

TMCnet had the chance to catch up with Keagy earlier today to get a sneak peek at the content that will be covered tonight.

"Just about everyone has cloud-washed their offerings," he told TMCnet. "Everyone is doing well by slapping the label cloud on their offerings, but cloud is very young and things are developing quickly and this ability for vendors to achieve success just by slapping a cloud label on what they are doing is not going to be there in a couple of years."

Cloud computing always seems to progress at a rapid pace. Over just the past few years, the cloud as an industry model has matured from a promising yet passable curiosity enjoying fifteen minutes of fame into an indelible and mushrooming contributor to the contemporary technology community...and as a "pure-play IaaS provider," GoGrid is tough to beat for deployment of new applications and streamlining of workloads.

Cloud infrastructure company GoGrid announced the Big Data Solution, an offering based on a hybrid infrastructure architecture that combines cloud computing with single-tenant infrastructure components, all managed through the GoGrid management portal. Built to support high-performance analytic jobs and able to be used for applications that leverage NoSQL solutions like Hadoop to serve up content via app servers.



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