GoGrid has launched a big data analytics tool, aiming to help businesses take advantage of the deluge of data hitting the companies using cloud computing. The GoGrid Big Data Solution is based on the firm's hybrid cloud offering, where it offers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) on either a multi-tenant basis or with dedicated servers within its data centres. With the new launch, businesses can take advantage of the single-tenant environment to house their data and analyse it using big data tools like Cloudera's Distribution of Hadoop (CDH). However, if they then have a sudden spike in traffic where they need more capacity, they can take advantage of GoGrid's cloud servers and burst out into its multi-tenant environment.

Cloud infrastructure company GoGrid announced on Tuesday it has launched the GoGrid Big Data Solution, a hybrid cloud-based infrastructure that uses single-tenant infrastructure components but is managed through the GoGrid management portal. As data-intensive activities like scientific research, social networking, and photography and video archiving continue to grow, there is an increasing demand in the industry for reliable technologies to process big data at high speeds. GoGrid says it new Big Data Solution provides businesses with maximum flexibility, choice, performance, and control. It is built to support high-performance analytic jobs and can be used for applications that use NoSQL solutions like Hadoop to serve up content via app servers.

Cloud infrastructure company GoGrid wants to make it easier for customers to run "Big Data" analytic tools to leverage large datasets. Today it unveiled GoGrid Big Data Solution, a new offering that enables customers to use NoSQL database solutions like Hadoop. The solution uses a hybrid infrastructure architecture that combines GoGrid's cloud with single-tenant infrastructure components, all managed through GoGrid's portal. GoGrid's new bundle includes pre-configured hardware to match requirements for running Cloudera's Distribution of Hadoop (CDH) as an introduction to Hadoop or proof of concept. The bundle consists of 1 Name Node and 3 Data Nodes in a multi-rack architecture plus GoGrid's Professional Cloud plan. With this solution, GoGrid customers leverage cloud servers to quickly scale to handle sudden spikes in traffic, while tapping single-tenant infrastructure specially designed for analytical use cases.

GoGrid today introduces its Big Data Solution predictive analytics platform. It adds features that combine the best from cloud computing with hybrid cloud flexibility and front-end apps. Everything is managed from the GoGrid web-based management portal. Amazon and others need more assembly of individual pieces that are less integrated than what GoGrid offers. The idea is to support very high performance analytics. It has preconfigured hardware that includes a collection of four different servers as part of GoGrid's Professional Cloud plan. You can use this to quickly scale up demand to meet traffic spikes in your Hadoop NoSQL databases, for example. This allows for a complete hybrid cloud solution with the added security of a single-tenant infrastructure.

We assembled this list with help from analysts at Cloud Technology Partners, Current Analysis, Enterprise Strategy Group, Gartner, IDC, and Neovise who watch the public cloud Infrastructure as a Service scene very closely. Each was asked to name the companies they believed have the most influence - whether that's measured in market share, mind share, revenue, existing enterprise pull or underlying technology links - in the world of IaaS. GoGrid prides itself on being a pure-play cloud company offering both public and private Xen-based IaaS with optional managed services.

This year's 100 top, private on-demand and SaaS companies-plus 20 to watch-are creating a complex world of interconnected business intelligence, merging valuable legacy data and systems with new, vital streams of information.

Congratulations to all the 2012 OnDemand 100 winners. As the digital information created by businesses continues to multiply at astronomical rates, OnDemand 100 companies are providing the technology platforms and services needed to manage and leverage the emerging data macrosphere, propelling business intelligence into a connected, informed future.

If you want to be in the cloud business, these are some of the cloud infrastructure companies that will help you get there...GoGrid prides itself on being a pure-play IaaS provider, focusing its hosted cloud infrastructure to deploy and manage apps and workloads.

Cloud hosting provider GoGrid announced that founder and chairman John Keagy will return to the role of CEO. GoGrid has seen significant growth in the past year with its pure-play infrastructure-as-a-service, offering public cloud and private cloud infrastructure solutions, and recently expanded into the Europe.

While it might not make as big of a news splash as when Apple founder Steve Jobs returned to his company as CEO in 1997, cloud company GoGrid recently did some reminiscing of their own. Keagy pointed towards recent initiatives undertaken by GoGrid including the company's opening of a data center facility in Amsterdam, The Netherlands just earlier this month.

At some point, the founder of almost any business will face a decision about whether to continue in their leadership role when the company reaches certain pivotal milestones around growth, financing and other concerns that aren't necessarily tied directly into the entrepreneurial notions that sparked the business.

Keagy is reassuming the leadership role at a company that definitely has the brand recognition as one of the pioneering organizations in the cloud hosting space - a market with a handful of leaders and a ton of market share to grab.



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