eWEEK's main headline for 2012 is "How to Control Data," and ground zero for this is the data center. Those who know how to control both the archival and current views of the data are most often the ones who come up with significant new ideas and promote business progress. IT that is progressive will gain ground in 2012. From Slide #7 - Amazon, Rackspace, GoGrid, AT&T, Verizon and others were pleased with their 2011 business as more and more enterprises discovered that they can get exactly the services (storage, analytics, accounting, social networking, application monitoring, for example) from Web services , and get them on-demand, and in reliable fashion.

Amazon Web Services customers this week are worrying about a server reboot the provider is pushing out, but if users have architected their applications properly, they shouldn't be concerned, experts said. GoGrid, an infrastructure-as-a-service provider, also noted that if businesses run their own servers internally, they have to make similar updates. Moving to the cloud saves administrators a lot of management trouble overall, but this kind of required reboot might be "trouble some thought they left behind when they got to the cloud," Jayson Vantuyl, chief engineer at GoGrid, said.

Hybrid hosting services could be a path forward for providers that are waiting for their cloud service offerings to take off while struggling with managed hosting services that have become low-margin commodities. "Hybrid hosting will become the norm," said John Keagy, founder and chairman of GoGrid. "Somewhere in the order of 85% of computing is still done in-house. There is a huge wave of outsourcing coming that will transition to managed services and fully automated cloud services."

GoGrid, HP Enterprise Services have amped up offerings that address security and other issues. The decision to host your data center somewhere else, or to move some of your operations into a cloud, is never trivial. Chief among concerns are security, performance, and management - including disaster recovery plans that meet your requirements. GoGrid, a cloud infrastructure and hosting provider, has made a move to address some of those concerns with a new service called CloudLink, a fast, dedicated private line that's been established via a leased, dedicated line between its data centers in San Francisco and Ashburn, Virginia. Now, GoGrid can dedicate specific amounts of segregated bandwidth to customers. The goal: eliminate worry about sending critical traffic over public lines that lack security and can impact performance.

Infrastructure-as-a-service provider GoGrid is adding a dedicated line service between its facilities so users can be sure of fast and secure transfers. Customers with applications that require fast database replication or that use GoGrid's two data centers for disaster recovery may be interested in the new CloudLink offering, executives said. "Anybody who wants to keep data in sync" will be interested in the service, Rupert Tagnipes, product lead for the CloudLink service said.

Cloud infrastructure provider GoGrid (www.gogrid.com) announced on Tuesday that it has introduced its dedicated private line CloudLink for customers to access a secure connection across its data centers. CloudLink is an ideal solution for corporate environments that require disaster recovery and data replication.

Data center infrastructure management software developer Modius (www.modius.com) announced on Monday that cloud-based infrastructure as a service provider GoGrid (www.gogrid.com) has deployed the Modius OpenData solution. With the deployment of the Modius infrastructure management solution, GoGrid says it will reduce its operation costs by 10 to 15 percent.

Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) player GoGrid Tuesday pulled the curtain off of a new partner program through which the company said will give cloud providers the tools needed to beef up their cloud practices to grab a portion of the IaaS market, which is expected to hit $4 billion in four years.

A new offering from Dome9 is trying to make the cloud more secure by providing an automated service to centralize and consolidate security management across both private and public clouds and in and outside of your data center. They are also announcing a partnership with GoGrid as their first MSP that will resell this service to their customers.

Storage software developer Gluster has partnered with cloud infrastructure provider GoGrid to make its open-source storage solution available on the GoGrid platform. The link with GoGrid means Gluster's software can be packaged with GoGrid Server Image, letting enterprises embed shared storage into GoGrid cloud infrastructure deployments. GoGrid customers can deploy scale-out NAS cloud storage to petabytes of capacity, according to Gluster.



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