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Apr 21, 2014
Category: Cloud Security

Edward Snowden's disclosure of the United States' national Security Agency's surveillance projects has transformed the way in which enterprises select cloud computing solutions. 

Apr 18, 2014
Category: Big Data

Power companies throughout the United States are now using data collection tools to gather the information from smart meters, substations and distributed resources in an effort to figure out how the grid can become more efficient. 

Apr 16, 2014
Category: Public Cloud

Enterprises' seemingly unquenchable thirst for market information is being supported by cloud hosting companies capable of providing organizations with flexible, scalable environment.s 

Apr 14, 2014
Category: Cloud Security

The United States Affordable Care Act and requirements outlined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have forced health care industry participants to reduce treatment expenses. 

Apr 7, 2014
Category: Cloud Security

IT professionals engaged in cloud computing are beginning to realize that they have a wealth of security options at their fingertips, it's just a matter of choosing the appropriate solution.

GoGrid, a leading cloud infrastructure company, today announced that for the second successive year, it has been named "Champion" in Info-Tech Research Group's "Vendor Landscape: Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service" report.

GoGrid, a leading cloud infrastructure company, today announced that Brilig relies on hybrid infrastructure in the cloud from GoGrid for its Big Data architecture. Since turning to GoGrid, Brilig has decreased its infrastructure costs and increased the performance of its Big Data solution.

GoGrid, a leading cloud infrastructure company, today announced it has teamed with Cloudera, the leading provider of Apache Hadoop-based data management software and services, as a member of its Cloudera Connect Partner Program.

GoGrid, a leading cloud infrastructure company, today announced the availability of its Private Cloud service in the company's newest data center in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

GoGrid, a leading cloud infrastructure company, announced today that Martini Media, the leading digital platform for advertisers to reach affluent US consumers, trusts GoGrid to host the Big Data infrastructure for its platform.


GoGrid, which offers infrastructure-as-a-service computing in a fashion similar to Amazon's, offers service credits to customers when uptime falls below 100%...

GoGrid prides itself on being the biggest pure-play Infrastructure-as- a-Service company in the world. Its infrastructure lets businesses deploy and manage apps in the cloud platform within minutes and with a flexibility that separates it from the Johnny-comelatelies.

This week one the richest comparisons of GoGrid and Amazon from user experience emerged from Postgres Online Journal, the blog of small company with big computational needs that focuses on custom database and web application creation as well as prototype hosting.

The authors note that there is no one-size-fits-all nugget of advice since so much is dependent on any number of factors. Nonetheless, they do note, while it making it completely clear that there was no monetary or other incentive behind their statement, that for their particular needs GoGrid was the winner for their projects most of the time.

With all the urgency and excitement revolving around cloud computing these days, it's not surprising that differentiating among the various services becomes important -- and one of the top criteria is sure to be performance -- Amazon's (NASDAQ: AMZN) Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) came in fifth with a 10.942 second average. GoGrid came in third at 10.468 seconds, while Teklinks held down fourth place with a response time of 10.568 seconds

GoGrid Launches Hosted Private Cloud - What's a "hosted private cloud"? A public cloud generally lets customers rent virtual infrastructure shared with other customers. Customers pay for what they use. A private cloud is built by an organization to advantage of virtualization and resource pooling internally

GoGrid wants IT organizations to run production applications on a virtual private cloud computing architecture that runs in its data centers. According to GoGrid CEO John Keagy, the company's new GoGrid Hosted Private Cloud gives IT organizations access to a set of shared IT infrastructure resources that are dedicated to running their applications.

Cloud hosting provider GoGrid announced on Wednesday it has introduced an enterprise-grade hosted private cloud solution (http://privatecloud.gogrid.com), which offers the capabilities of its public cloud in a completely dedicated and secure environment.

Cloud provider GoGrid has expanded its infrastructure-as-a-service catalog by launching a Hosted Private Cloud that maintains all the features of GoGrid's standard multitenant cloud offering, but on dedicated physical servers.

GoGrid has rolled out a hosted private cloud offering, designed to offer customers the benefits of the public cloud on dedicated hardware. GoGrid's service is similar to the public cloud in that it offers an on-demand, programmable, manageable and scalable service, but with the added security and reliability of dedicated hardware, said John Keagy, CEO of GoGrid.

GoGrid expands its portfolio of infrastructure-as-a-service offerings with the latest Hosted Private Cloud, which lets customers run applications in a public cloud environment that uses hardware dedicated to their use.



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