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Apr 16, 2014
Category: Public Cloud

Enterprises' seemingly unquenchable thirst for market information is being supported by cloud hosting companies capable of providing organizations with flexible, scalable environment.s 

Apr 14, 2014
Category: Cloud Security

The United States Affordable Care Act and requirements outlined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have forced health care industry participants to reduce treatment expenses. 

Apr 7, 2014
Category: Cloud Security

IT professionals engaged in cloud computing are beginning to realize that they have a wealth of security options at their fingertips, it's just a matter of choosing the appropriate solution.

Apr 3, 2014
Category: Cloud Computing

The demand for medicine is higher than ever, obligating those in the health care industry to use cloud computing tools to assist them in finding a way to accelerate production and delivery methods. 

Mar 28, 2014
Category: Big Data

There are those who believe that movement is mostly made of hype and then there are others who try to utilize as much as they can from big data. 

GoGrid CEO to Discuss Next Generation of Cloud-Based Big Data Technologies at Hosting and Cloud Transformation Summit Europe
Best-of-Breed Big Data Solutions Simplify Deployment, Speed Time-to-Market, and Help Enterprises Focus on Innovation

San Francisco, Calif. — February 11, 2014 — GoGrid, the leader in Open Data Services (ODS), today unveiled an ecosystem of Big Data solutions available immediately through its 1-Button Deploy™ technology. Running on the only cloud purpose-built for Big Data, these solutions enable enterprises to quickly and easily evaluate and run the best-of-breed open source Big Data solutions that will power the next generation of data-driven products and applications.

Automated Approach Lets Customers Easily and Quickly Evaluate and Run an Array of Big Data Solutions with Orchestration Technology Powered by Ansible
Collaboration with Basho, DataStax, Hortonworks, and MongoDB Produces Best-of-Breed Solutions to Meet Diverse Use Cases


In 2012, to celebrate International Women’s Day and Women in STEM, I published an article announcing the Top 5 Most Influential Women in the Data Center Industry. Considering that only 25% of IT jobs are held by women, I was expecting little out of the article; however, that was not the case. Thanks to women and men around the world, the article went viral and inspired others to get involved with the movement.

SAN MATEO, CA - AlienVault™, the leading provider of Unified Security Management™ solutions and crowd-sourced threat intelligence, today announced continued momentum behind its Open Threat Exchange™ (OTX) initiative with the addition of new partners Cegeka, GoGrid, Netflow Logic, Onsight, Risk I/O and ThreatStop. In addition, the integration of AlienVault's OTX into Spiceworks has helped IT professionals simplify how they identify threats on their network. Spiceworks users in nearly 10,000 companies received over 1.4 million threat alerts in January 2014, only one month after the new capabilities were introduced.

GoGrid, a provider of open data services, announced 1-Button Deploy, providing organizations with a fast and easy way to evaluate and run the latest big data solutions on the cloud purpose-built for big data. GoGrid's 1-Button Deploy simplifies the process of moving big data applications from trial to pilot project and finally to full-scale production. GoGrid also unveiled an ecosystem of big data solutions available immediately through its 1-Button Deploy technology.

GoGrid and friends: GoGrid says it offers the fastest cloud in the west, with a mix of high-powered servers, fast storage choices, and bare-metal deployment options that others can't touch. To put some meat on those bones it announced partnerships this week with Basho, DataStax, Hortonworks, and MongoDB, all of which it says cloud customers will be able to deploy in push-button fashion.

Amazon Web Services is a juggernaut in the infrastructure as a service market, but GoGrid, a midsize IaaS competitor that aims to be the cloud for big data, says it wants to offer an alternative to AWS's platform. And it's hoping to do so through open source databases.

Although it didn’t seem so on the surface, the handful of partnerships that NoSQL startup DataStax announced on Tuesday around the Cassandra database is actually quite telling. It’s one thing when a cloud provider Google gets on board (which it has), but something else when smaller, more conservative providers like GoGrid and large-enterprise consultants such as Accenture do. That DataStax is working with those latter companies suggests their customers are running or interested in running Cassandra (and other NoSQL data stores, in the case of GoGrid) and are asking for support.

As a public cloud service optimized for Big Data applications GoGrid gives developers access to a number of open source platforms, including Hadoop, Apache HBase, Cassandra, MongoDB and Riak. Trying to fuel what GoGrid CEO John Keagy describes as open data services (ODS) market, GoGrid provides the ability to stand up applications on multiple platforms in a way that helps developers avoid getting locked into one particular architecture. Now GoGrid is close to taking that concept one step further by exposing an API to the GoGrid cloud platform

Big data is something that many companies are keen to exploit, but implementing big data solutions involves a number of hurdles.

Open Data Services specialist GoGrid is aiming to make the move to big data easier with its launch of 1-Button Deploy technology.

These industry leaders helped propel cloud computing to the forefront of technology innovation.

GoGrid is making noise as a small cloud IaaS-focused provider with a fixed-size, paid-by-the-VM, Xen-virtualized IaaS as a public cloud and private cloud. According to research firm Gartner, GoGrid is among the top five public cloud IaaS providers in the use of VMs.


What Cloud Computing Means for Industrial Infrastructure

Just as cloud computing has revolutionized how company IT departments interact with their networks, the way in which business is conducted across all markets has changed significantly. Continue reading «What Cloud Computing Means for Industrial Infrastructure»The post What Cloud Computing Means for Industrial Infrastructure appeared first on GoGrid Blog.

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Comparing Cloud Infrastructure Options for Running NoSQL Workloads

A walk through in-memory, general compute, and mass storage options for Cassandra, MongoDB, Riak, and HBase workloads
I recently had the pleasure of attending Cassandra Tech Day in San Jose, a developer-focused event where people were learning about various options for deploying Cassandra clusters. As it turns out, there was a lot of buzz surrounding the new in-memory option for Cassandra and the use cases for it. This interest got me thinking about how to map the options customers have for running Big Data across clouds.
For a specific workload, NoSQL customers may want to have the following:
1. Access to mass storage servers for files and objects (not to be confused with block storage).… Read the restContinue reading «Comparing Cloud Infrastructure Options for Running NoSQL Workloads»The post Comparing Cloud Infrastructure Options for Running NoSQL Workloads appeared first on GoGrid Blog.

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Be Prepared with a Solid Cloud Infrastructure

Security Alert: OpenSSL Bug Needs Prompt Attention

A major vulnerability with the OpenSSL libraries was announced this morning. According to PCWorld, “The flaw, nicknamed ‘Heartbleed’ is contained in several versions of OpenSSL, a cryptographic library that enables SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or TLS (Transport Security Layer) encryption. Most websites use either SSL or TLS, which is indicated in browsers with a padlock symbol. The flaw, which was introduced in December 2011, has been fixed in OpenSSL 1.0.1g, which was released on Monday [April 7].”

We want to ensure all our customers are aware of this vulnerability so those impacted can take appropriate measures. The following description of Heartbleed is from http://heartbleed.com:
“The Heartbleed bug allows anyone on the Internet to read the memory of the systems protected by the vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL software.… Read the restContinue reading «Security Alert: OpenSSL Bug Needs Prompt Attention»The post Security Alert: OpenSSL Bug Needs Prompt Attention appeared first on GoGrid Blog.

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Infographic: 2014 – The Year of Open Source?

If you’re a software developer, you’ve probably already used open-source code in some of your projects. Until recently, however, people who aren’t software developers probably thought “open source” referred to a new type of bottled water. But all that’s beginning to change. Now you can find open-source versions of everything from Shakespeare to geospatial tools. In fact, the first laptop built almost entirely on open source hardware just hit the market. In the article announcing the new device, Wired noted that, “Open source hardware is beginning to find its own place in the world, not only among hobbyists but inside big companies such as Facebook.”

Why now?… Read the restContinue reading «Infographic: 2014 – The Year of Open Source?»The post Infographic: 2014 – The Year of Open Source? appeared first on GoGrid Blog.

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Deploying Cassandra with the Push of a Button on GoGrid

Let’s say you’ve already done your due diligence and decided you want to run a NoSQL database. The only problem is that you’ve now got to figure out how to deploy the cluster in an environment that lets you scale within a single data center and also across multiple data centers. To save money, this is when many people trial Cassandra on cheap hardware with limited RAM across clusters that are simply inadequate for the job.
That’s a mistake, but luckily, there’s a better way. At GoGrid, we’ve made it possible to deploy a production-ready 5-node Cassandra cluster on robust, high-performance machines with the click of a button.… Read the restContinue reading «Deploying Cassandra with the Push of a Button on GoGrid»The post Deploying Cassandra with the Push of a Button on GoGrid appeared first on GoGrid Blog.

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Healthcare Industry Balances Big Data Insights and Patient Care

Using Big Data to Identify and Prevent Crimes

What do P-Diddy & NoSQL have in common?

Ad networks are hungry to solve for the real-time information needed to support bidding and ad serving, but the solution to their challenges isn’t coming from Oracle. The solution is coming from the “bad boy” of the database world, NoSQL. NoSQL offers the low latency, scalability, and multi-data-center replication perfect for feeding the Big Data appetite of digital advertising. With so many potential use cases, GoGrid is gathering a panel of NoSQL leaders to discuss the future of their technologies and how they envision NoSQL becoming mainstream. Inspired by the original “bad boy,” Sean “P-Diddy” Combs, this meetup coincides with the first night of ad:tech San Francisco 2014.… Read the restContinue reading «What do P-Diddy & NoSQL have in common?»The post What do P-Diddy & NoSQL have in common? appeared first on GoGrid Blog.

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Enterprises' seemingly unquenchable thirst for market information is being supported by cloud hosting companies capable of providing organizations with flexible, scalable environment.s 

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