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Migrating to the cloud will alleviate server management problems Mar 30 2012 - 4:37pm Cloud Computing

A new report by a cloud provider found that many U.S. and U.K. businesses are having trouble maintaining on-site servers because they haven't outsourced to the cloud. In fact, IT departments spend more than half of their time troubleshooting and monitoring...

Report: Trust in cloud computing is growing among SMBs Mar 30 2012 - 10:27am Public Cloud

More small and medium-sized businesses are relying on cloud servers to host mission-critical applications and data. According to a study by RingCentral, 57 percent of...

Study: SMB cloud adoption on the rise Mar 30 2012 - 10:25am Cloud Computing

The adoption of the cloud is spreading among businesses of all sizes, especially smaller companies looking to remain competitive with larger firms. According to a new study by Edge Strategies, the market for paid cloud hosted services is expected to double...

Report: SaaS market to grow by 18 percent in 2012 Mar 29 2012 - 5:26pm Cloud Computing

As cloud computing matures, more businesses are taking advantage of the technology to improve efficiency and mobility without sacrificing cost. According to a new report by research firm...

Businesses sprinting toward cloud computing Mar 27 2012 - 8:31am Cloud Computing, Virtualization

Four years ago, cloud computing was thought to be stuck "in first gear," as market analysts from IDC suggested. Then, the technology was underdeveloped and sported limited service, expensive software and drastic security...

IT tries to stay ahead in cloud era Mar 27 2012 - 8:25am Cloud Computing, Iaas

Cloud computing seems poised to be the next big thing for corporate systems due to its cost-efficiency and logistical benefits. By minimizing...

iPad shaping future of cloud Mar 26 2012 - 9:09am Cloud Computing, Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Virtualization

Following reports that Apple would start paying a $10.60-a-year dividend in order to buy back stock, the company released its initial sales for the new iPad. According to Apple, over 3 million units were sold over the launch weekend.

Currently the...

Take small steps for successful cloud integration Mar 26 2012 - 8:56am Cloud Computing, Virtualization

For many corporations, a quick and complete embrace of cloud infrastructure is not the optimal strategy. IT executives often regard the prospect of complete implementation as dangerous,...

Cloud technology and the computing code Mar 23 2012 - 8:49am Cloud Computing, Cloud Security, Public Cloud

As with any emerging technology, security systems often lag behind the infrastructures they are designed to protect. In the case of the cloud, a technology which is characterized by its open nature, many IT and...

Mobile strategies evolving with cloud Mar 23 2012 - 8:32am Cloud Computing, Private Cloud

The link between mobile devices and cloud infrastructure continues to grow stronger, and soon the two are poised to enjoy a symbiotic relationship. By leveraging the enhanced security of...



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