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Study: Cloud cluelessness doesn't hinder appreciation Aug 31 2012 - 1:59pm Cloud Computing

There is no doubt that cloud computing is experiencing significant hype in the private sector and IT industry. The same cannot be said for the consumer market, however, as the...

New advisory group could guide cloud computing's future Aug 30 2012 - 7:35pm Cloud Computing

The cloud is at a crossroads. For the past few years, it has functioned primarily as an emerging technology that businesses and consumers are becoming accustomed to. However, cloud computing...

Cloud computing to play key role in one exec's future vision Aug 30 2012 - 7:28pm Cloud Computing

Speaking at the recent Hot Chips conference, Mark Papermaster, CEO for AMD, detailed a future of technology use that he dubbed "surround computing," TechNewsWorld reported.

According to the news source, Papermaster defines surround computing as a...

Study: Companies satisfied with SaaS application reliability Aug 30 2012 - 1:01pm Public Cloud

Applications are the key to business survival in today's digital landscape. The use of such solutions, however, is no easy task, as roughly 49 percent of companies said changing, optimizing and upgrading enterprise apps remains a significantly challenging...

Report: Cloud will continue to disrupt businesses in coming years Aug 30 2012 - 7:38am Cloud Computing

After being available for the past five years, the true business benefits of using cloud computing services are beginning to come to light. As decision-makers gain confidence in the...

Study: Decision-makers need help securing the cloud Aug 30 2012 - 7:37am Cloud Security

As cloud technologies matured during the past several years, adoption rates have also been on the rise, meaning more organizations are taking advantage of the technology to enhance overall efficiency and performance without dramatically increasing expenses...

Cloud needs stronger definition, experts say Aug 29 2012 - 8:31am Private Cloud

The latest hype cycle report by Gartner suggested that cloud computing is currently in the "trough of disillusionment." This caused the Cloud Industry Forum to come forward and encourage...

Report: Cloud changing application development industry Aug 27 2012 - 7:34am Private Cloud

As computing technologies continue to evolve, completely revolutionizing how organizations fundamentally operate, the application development process also changes. These refinements will primarily be driven by three emerging trends: mobile, social and...

Big data opens new doors to competitive advantage, analysts say Aug 24 2012 - 7:04am Cloud Computing

The advent of social media and other public portals has given companies the unique ability to capture more insight on consumer behavior and trends, allowing organizations to develop more intuitive products that meet evolving user demands. Since the volume...

Study: Companies use private, hybrid clouds to mitigate concern Aug 23 2012 - 7:25am Private Cloud

A new international study of more than 300 IT decision-makers by IDG Research Services revealed that the cloud continues to be a major initiative for enterprises, as more than 60 percent of respondents said they are either implementing or testing the cloud...



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