Big Data Solutions upon the GoGrid Cloud Platform

Big Data Solutions - Multiple Solutions, 1 Platform


Deploy either a development or production DataStax distribution using our 1-Button Deploy™.


We’ve got the options you need. Choose Hadoop or cloud or dedicated or HBase with Hadoop using our 1-Button Deploy™.

Apache HBASE

Our HBase with Hadoop 2.0 solution includes 1-Button Deploy™ technology, so getting started is simple.

Mongo DB

Mongo clusters deployment is easy with 1-Button Deploy™ technology on GoGrid.


Our 1-Button Deploy™ technology makes it easy to spin up Riak clusters with the click of a mouse.


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Big data jump starts public cloud industry

Enterprises' seemingly unquenchable thirst for market information is being supported by cloud hosting companies capable of providing organizations with flexible, scalable environment.s 

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