Emerging Uses of Big Data

As the world of big data continue to expand in size and influence, new, sometimes unexpected use of the technology is being made to affect positive change in a number of sectors from health to lingerie.


Big data ingratiates into everyday life

To many, the future of big data remains relatively abstract - many are taking the discussion on cloud computing hosting on a day-by-day basis instead of the long term, but the work of a few forward-thinking minds is changing all of this.


The customer's in control: What does it mean for enterprises?

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A mixture of improving market confidence and big data technology is forcing companies to reassess how they interact with their customers. 


What's big data's impact on government services?

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If government authorities are following the same processes as businesses, you'd think big data would mean some serious changes for public services. 


Big data gives power providers a better view of energy consumption

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Power companies throughout the United States are now using data collection tools to gather the information from smart meters, substations and distributed resources in an effort to figure out how the grid can become more efficient. 




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Balancing big data with intuition

Is intuition more important than big data?

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