Big Data is Not About Size, but Relevance

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The Big Data movement is not only about volume, but also about how organizations use information to achieve long-term objectives.


Technology is Critical to Big Data's Future

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The growing demand for Big Data will encourage organizations to invest in technology in an effort to make the most of the information at their disposal.


Lady Gaga: Queen of Pop and ... Data Mining?

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Big Data has a lot of indisputable uses in big business, but Lady Gaga's manager proved it has a place in the field of entertainment as well.


Kaiser Permanente Uses Big Data to Lower Mortality Rates

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Kaiser Permanente, a hospital system in Oakland, California, has a significantly lower mortality rate than the national average, according to The Wall Street Journal, and they owe it all to Big Data.


Businesses Believe Data Volumes Will Grow by 76 Percent in 2014

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As business data volumes increase, companies are looking for better ways to manage that information.


Cloud, Big Data Relationship to Blossom in 2014

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Businesses that encourage the relationship between cloud computing and Big Data will find it easier to achieve success in 2014.


Will Big Data Grow Up in 2014?

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Because 2.5 quintillion bytes of information are created daily, companies need to consider developing a Big Data strategy that works in 2014.


Easy-to-Use Big Data Tools Drive Better Business Processes in 2014

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Big Data technologies will likely be easier to use in 2014.


Data Mining Can Lead To Information Gold

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Data mining can help organizations develop more comprehensive and effective Big Data initiatives.


Big Data Expected to Play a Large Role in 2014

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With the new year fast approaching, business analytics experts are rushing to lay down some predictions for the not-so-distant future.




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