Security Innovations Present New Way to Protect Big Data

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Methods of securing the confidentiality of the Big Data companies collect on a regular basis are embedded within the platforms those businesses use.


Businesses Getting Friendlier with Big Data

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Increasing familiarity with Big Data will allow companies to experience greater rewards in the long run.


Companies Looking for Strong Hands to Hold Big Data Reins

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Whether employed by a healthcare company or an entertainment group, corporate executives have made it a priority to identify the cryptic information that will optimize production.


What's happening with Big Data in 2014?

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Businesses will learn more about Big Data in 2014 and develop better programs to maximize their output.


Big Data Movement Drives Innovative Practices, Programs

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The Big Data movement has encouraged companies to gather, manage, store, and analyze information more rigorously. By properly harnessing the power of data, executives can acquire critical insight into their operations and customer demands.


Big Data Remains Promising, but Tricky to Manage, Survey Finds

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Managing Big Data and analytics can be tricky if executives don't plan their programs in advance and understand what processes need to be incorporated into the projects.


Big Data is Not About Size, but Relevance

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The Big Data movement is not only about volume, but also about how organizations use information to achieve long-term objectives.


Technology is Critical to Big Data's Future

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The growing demand for Big Data will encourage organizations to invest in technology in an effort to make the most of the information at their disposal.


Lady Gaga: Queen of Pop and ... Data Mining?

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Big Data has a lot of indisputable uses in big business, but Lady Gaga's manager proved it has a place in the field of entertainment as well.


Kaiser Permanente Uses Big Data to Lower Mortality Rates

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Kaiser Permanente, a hospital system in Oakland, California, has a significantly lower mortality rate than the national average, according to The Wall Street Journal, and they owe it all to Big Data.




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