Big data ingratiates into everyday life

To many, the future of big data remains relatively abstract - many are taking the discussion on cloud computing hosting on a day-by-day basis instead of the long term, but the work of a few forward-thinking minds is changing all of this.


Cloud computing: It's impact on CIOs

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Advances in analytics and the advent of cloud computing is redefining what it means to be the head of a corporation's IT department. 


Health care providers encounter a cloud computing conundrum

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As with nearly every other industry in existence, health care has been swept away by the possibilities associated with cloud computing.

Cloud computing has reached a new stage

Cloud computing has reached a new stage

Cloud computing has entered a new phase as businesses now see the technology as a key part of the greater IT landscape.


Pharmaceuticals use big data to expedite production

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The demand for medicine is higher than ever, obligating those in the health care industry to use cloud computing tools to assist them in finding a way to accelerate production and delivery methods. 




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