Cloud computing has reached a new stage

Cloud computing has reached a new stage

Cloud computing has entered a new phase as businesses now see the technology as a key part of the greater IT landscape.


Pharmaceuticals use big data to expedite production

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The demand for medicine is higher than ever, obligating those in the health care industry to use cloud computing tools to assist them in finding a way to accelerate production and delivery methods. 

Cloud computing's widespread use is contributing to an annual reduction in the world's carbon footprint, making it a key player in the green revolution that's sweeping the U.S.

Cloud computing a green technology?

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It's not the benefit one would think of when cloud servers come to mind, but professionals over the globe are concluding that widespread adoption of the technology may result in a significantly smaller carbon footprint.

How to appropriately tax cloud computing remains a looming question over the heads of many officials.

Taxation of cloud server implementation?

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Cloud computing has spawned an entirely new subset of the IT industry, creating new jobs throughout the United States and the rest of the globe. 

The capability of mobile applications is just one aspect expected to accompany the advance of cloud computing.

Despite spying rumors, cloud computing still pushing ahead

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The United States cloud market is expected to witness a gradual increase over the next several years. 




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