Considerations for moving apps to the cloud

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Moving applications to the cloud requires decision-makers to think about how the hosted landscape will change solutions.


Report: Federal cloud spending to reach $7.7 billion in 2017

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While the private sector is often recognized for its ongoing transition to the cloud, a similar movement is happening within public agencies.


Cloud evangelism picks up speed in mid-sized market

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As the overall cloud computing market matures and disrupts a larger portion of the IT industry, business decision-makers are beginning to recognize its potential.


Cloud partnerships introduce new opportunities

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Businesses of all sizes are pursuing cloud computing partnerships to embrace sophisticated tools that will give them a competitive advantage.


Healthcare looks to augment IT service delivery

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The evolving healthcare industry is forcing decision-makers to embrace new operational methods, as traditional practices cannot keep up with today's fast-paced needs.


IT leaders want cloud, legacy solutions to join forces

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While enterprises are beginning to embrace cloud computing technologies more frequently, a large number of organizations are not necessarily willing to completely abandon their existing IT infrastructure.


Supporting all mobile connectivity to be crucial in coming years

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The number of uses for cloud computing technologies continues to grow as decision-makers embrace new and innovative operational strategies.


Survey: 75 percent of firms now using cloud

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Business use of the cloud is relentless, driven by the need to improve reliability, scalability and agility.


The converging cloud-based unified communications market

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Unified communications and cloud computing are converging, forcing decision-makers to get on board or risk not being able to meet demand.


Cloud helps smaller firms stay competitive

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Businesses today have opportunities to improve operations and reduce costs through the use of a broad range of innovative technologies.




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