Accessibility is One of the Key Benefits of Outsourcing to the Cloud

Throughout the past couple of years, cloud computing has seen a gradual decrease in costs with recent innovations in the industry.


Experts see Hybrid Cloud Doubling in Strength by 2015

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Hybrid cloud gains momentum as companies embrace innovative IT strategies.


IT Relevance May Rest on Cloud Computing's Shoulders

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The cloud is in high demand for business units, which is pressuring IT departments to find the right services if they want to remain relevant.


Digitalization Has Arrived

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The third era of enterprise IT, digitalization, is forcing companies to adjust their technological strategies.


Cloud, Big Data Relationship to Blossom in 2014

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Businesses that encourage the relationship between cloud computing and Big Data will find it easier to achieve success in 2014.


Cloud Expected to Experience Major Disruptions in 2014

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Understanding where cloud computing is positioned to go in 2014 will help organizations develop better projects.


Feds Poised to Up Cloud, Big Data Investments

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Federal agencies are investing in Big Data and cloud computing technologies to improve their long-term decision-making capabilities.


Hybrid Cloud Picks up Speed During Big Data Era

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Companies are no longer implementing only a single cloud to embrace Big Data and other critical IT projects.


Real-Time Big Data Analytics Driven by Cloud Momentum

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The proliferation of cloud services is driving the need to leverage real-time Big Data analytics solutions.


Report: Predictive Analytic Projects Embracing Cloud Infrastructure

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Predictive analytic strategies are moving to cloud computing environments to improve efficiency.




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