NSA revelations change cloud computing priorities

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Edward Snowden's disclosure of the United States' national Security Agency's surveillance projects has transformed the way in which enterprises select cloud computing solutions. 


Hospital CIOs push for cloud computing

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The United States Affordable Care Act and requirements outlined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have forced health care industry participants to reduce treatment expenses. 


Cloud computing security experts weigh their options

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IT professionals engaged in cloud computing are beginning to realize that they have a wealth of security options at their fingertips, it's just a matter of choosing the appropriate solution.

Various security deployments are being improved to adequately protect data located in cloud servers.

Authenticating access: Grant appropriate users access to cloud servers

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Data protection has become an industry in and of itself, primarily due to the advancements of cloud computing over the past few years.

Keeping sensitive documents containing patient insurance information protected is one of the benefits hospitals using a cloud infrastructure encounter.

Cloud technology helps hospitals protect data

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The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society claimed that the security protocols of these databases are vastly outdated and vulnerable to cyberattacks. 




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