Data Encryption and Key Management Top Priorities for Cloud Hosting companies

Typically, a cloud host encrypts data coming into the environment, which prevents it from being translated by malicious foreign entities. 


Security Innovations Present New Way to Protect Big Data

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Methods of securing the confidentiality of the Big Data companies collect on a regular basis are embedded within the platforms those businesses use.


The Truth about Cloud Data Protection

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Cloud infrastructure services can be highly secure if they are planned, deployed, and managed properly.


Cloud Security Barriers Crumbling

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Cloud security barriers are crumbling as companies continue to gain more confidence in the technology.


Cloud Changes Status Quo for Identity, Access Management

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The evolving cloud security landscape will transform identity and access management for the better.


Building a cloud disaster recovery plan

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As IT services evolve, new challenges are emerging in the business world that encourage decision-makers to build a cloud disaster recovery program.


The cloud is what you make it

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Planning cloud deployments with experienced providers will ensure those solutions are effective and secure.


Cloud-based disaster recovery is resilient, easy to manage

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Cloud disaster recovery can be an affordable and effective continuity strategy for companies of all sizes and industries.


Cloud computing changes backup as we know it

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The presence of cloud computing is transforming how companies look at disaster recovery and backup.


Cloud-based disaster recovery considerations

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The disaster recovery market as a whole is evolving as innovative technologies continue to emerge in and outside of the business world.




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Hospital CIOs push for cloud computing

The United States Affordable Care Act and requirements outlined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have forced health care industry participants to reduce treatment expenses. 

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