Cloud computing changes backup as we know it

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The presence of cloud computing is transforming how companies look at disaster recovery and backup.


Cloud-based disaster recovery considerations

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The disaster recovery market as a whole is evolving as innovative technologies continue to emerge in and outside of the business world.


Report: Majority of businesses have faith in cloud's security

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Cloud security is becoming less of a concern to businesses around the world as decision-makers grow more comfortable using the hosted services.


Cloud infrastructure testing market to exceed $366 million in 2020

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As businesses continue their use of cloud computing technologies, decision-makers are deploying innovative infrastructure testing and monitoring tools to improve performance and security.


Bring cloud into disaster recovery to improve survival odds

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Businesses increasingly incorporating cloud computing into disaster recovery programs to improve restoration capabilities.


The right approach to cloud governance

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As the business world increases its use of cloud computing, organizations that are considering making the transition need to be alert and aware of the prospective change and how the adoption of hosted services will impact current operations.


Governing cloud computing is critical to overall success

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There is no doubt that cloud computing is gaining momentum in the business world, as companies continue to take steps in pursuit of migrating mission-critical assets to a safe off-site environment.


Using monitoring to observe the cloud

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Although cloud computing services offer companies a number of benefits, decision-makers must ensure they have the proper visibility into the network to minimize vulnerabilities and other issues that could lead to poor performance.


The new face of disaster recovery

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Because natural and man-made disasters are often unavoidable, decision-makers must be sure their companies have the appropriate recovery plans in place.


Management tools enhance cloud security, operations

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Keeping the cloud safe can be much more challenging than protecting traditional IT environments.




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