How cloud infrastructure can support DevOps

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Cloud infrastructure enables software professionals to fabricate, work with, modify and access their programs from multiple locations in a seamless fashion. 


DevOps strategies picking up speed

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The emergence of cloud computing, virtualization and other advanced IT services has encouraged decision-makers to look at innovative ways to enhance software development and deployment processes.


Embracing a DevOps mentality

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The consumerization of IT has had a major impact on the creation of applications, as companies around the world are now leveraging more mobile- and cloud-based software than ever before.


Monitoring as a Service picks up speed

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Because cloud computing is becoming such a critical aspect of business operations throughout the private sector, decision-makers need to monitor the hosted environments if they want to meet all of their performance demands.


Cloud demands drive DevOps forward

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For the last decade, application deployment processes have become more complex, especially as virtualization and cloud computing technologies emerged, which required advanced solutions to have a different set of characteristics.


PaaS helps organizations during big data phenomenon

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As companies continue to innovate in an effort to maintain operations during the rapid proliferation of data, executives are turning to Platform as a Service and other forms of cloud computing to streamline operations.


Study: Cloud is changing how businesses operate

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A new study by CompTIA found that the market for cloud computing is still on the rise, as the number of organizations utilizing the technology increased in 2011 for the third straight year.


Survey: IT evolution drives demand for DevOps

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Even though IT organizations are succeeding in their efforts to improve core development, they are not meeting customer demands and are thereby decreasing satisfaction, according to a new study by Serena Software.


DevOps supports agility through application lifecycle

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The rapid adoption and advancement of cloud computing is driving the need for organizations to implement new strategies to manage both internal and externally hosted machines.




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