DevOps is disruptive, boosts efficiency

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The concept of DevOps is relatively new and allows companies to make a coordinated effort to combine both sides of IT - development and operations.


Integrating security into DevOps

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By using cloud hosting services, DevOps empowers organizations to dramatically improve their time to market, allowing companies to do thousands of deploys a day rather than the traditional one every nine months or so.


Cloud computing helps DevOps

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Today, cloud computing is becoming a more important part of business application management and with it comes DevOps, the process of integrating and collaborating software development and IT operations.


Cloud computing trends will bring DevOps into play for 2012

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Now that 2012 is well under way, new trends are beginning to emerge among businesses looking to improve their productivity and become more relevant in the current market.


DevOps to see wider use in 2012

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While 2012 is becoming known for buzzwords like cloud computing, unified communications and a number of others, it will also see growth of a relatively new topic: DevOps.




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