Predictive Analytics is Becoming Essential for Businesses to Survive

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An expected increase in demand for predictive analytics systems will be accompanied by a need for cloud hosting services capable of supporting the software. 


Cloud Hosting is the Best Option for Infrastructure Scalability

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As data centers become more expensive to maintain, many businesses are unsure whether to upgrade their systems or replace them.


How the Cloud Enhances Customer Service

Within the past couple of years, IT companies providing cloud storage services have continued to assist businesses in satisfying consumer demand. 


Businesses Believe the Cloud is the Future

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Businesses are gaining confidence in the cloud and implementing the technology more frequently than ever before.


Report: Cloud to Expand at CAGR of 36 Percent through 2016

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The global cloud computing market continues to grow, propelled mainly by the need for sophisticated infrastructure services.


Navigating the Cloud Vendor Landscape

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The IaaS market is heating up and business decision-makers need to ensure they find the most appropriate provider.


Report: IaaS market continues to expand, drop prices

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Understanding Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) market trends will make it easier for companies to build a cloud infrastructure strategy.


Cloud infrastructure services augment conventional retail sector

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The cloud infrastructure landscape has transformed the retail industry into one that can meet customer needs on multiple levels.


Cloud infrastructure landscape changes outsourcing outlook

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Rather than exhaust financial and human resources maintaining outdated and expensive hardware, enterprises are outsourcing solutions to third-party environments.


Capitalizing on new infrastructure opportunities

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The often invisible and ongoing transformation of the business world is encouraging decision-makers to embrace innovative technologies and assess how they carry out mission-critical operations.




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