CIO responsibility changes driven by cloud

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The IT landscape is rapidly transforming, introducing changes throughout the enterprise in terms of what technologies are used in the workplace and the responsibilities of senior executives.


Businesses like cloud infrastructure's scalability, security

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While the overall cloud landscape is picking up momentum, cloud infrastructure services in particular are seeing significant rises in adoption rates.


Data center operations optimized with cloud services

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The data center is experiencing constant transformation as virtualization, cloud computing and other innovative technologies continue to be introduced to the private sector.


Truly analyzing IaaS

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The rapid proliferation of the cloud has made the market for the technology rather complex, as decision-makers are forced to plan well in advance which model best meets their unique demands.


Cloud infrastructure to grow in 2013, beyond

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The rapid emergence of cloud infrastructure and software has changed the business landscape forever, as companies can now reduce IT costs and improve the availability of mission-critical resources by hosting services in a third-party environment.


Cloud infrastructure, applications changing business operations

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While many portions of the cloud industry are likely to experience significant growth in the coming year, the Infrastructure as a Service market, in particular, will expand rapidly.


IaaS, public cloud interoperability to trend in 2013

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As the IT industry and cloud landscape continue to evolve, pundits are looking for innovative trends to take place in 2013.


Report: IaaS, PaaS make up 12 percent of infrastructure market

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Although Software as a Service often takes the majority of the credit for the emerging cloud market, Platform and Infrastructure as a Service are also gaining momentum and encouraging more decision-makers to adopt the cloud.


Successful IaaS projects prioritize user demands, scalability

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Infrastructure as a Service is rapidly gaining momentum in the business world, but decision-makers are often unsure how they should deploy the services.


Study says businesses find opportunity in IaaS

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As the cloud continues to take shape in the private sector, decision-makers are recognizing the benefits of using Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).




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