Report: Approximately 70 percent of firms use the cloud

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The majority of companies are using cloud computing technologies, with many of those deployments consisting of the private model.


Companies leverage public, private clouds to improve efficiency

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While both the public and private cloud promise to offer unique benefits to the business user, decision-makers sometimes find it challenging to choose between the two.


Using multiple public, private clouds to improve operations

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The growth of cloud computing during the past several years has led to a culmination in which a new model is emerging, promising to deliver answers that decision-makers are desperate for.


Choosing the right cloud infrastructure is relative

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While walking around claiming that cloud is gaining momentum is accurate, the fact of the matter is that companies are embracing different types of cloud technologies.


No longer just private clouds in public sector

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Federal agencies that are migrating critical applications and information to the cloud need to consider the ongoing transformations happening within the IT landscape.


Private cloud market expands as interest peaks

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Recently, executives have come to better understand the cloud and all of its components, leading them to acquire a stronger interest toward private solutions.


Cloud opportunities drive data center innovations

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In many ways, the proliferation of cloud computing is influencing decision-makers to reevaluate their infrastructure and implement innovative tools that can optimize server performance and boost the availability of mission-critical resources.


Companies choose private cloud now and later

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In general, the emergence of private and public cloud computing is changing how CIOs and other decision-makers look at business operations.


Private cloud offers all the benefits without challenges

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Despite the widely acknowledged benefits associated with using cloud computing services in the workplace, including the ability to reduce costs and augment operations, many decision-makers were initially turned away from the cloud because of its public nature.


Cloud contributes to software spending

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The advent of social, mobile and cloud computing technologies has given rise to the increased demand for innovative software that can strengthen operations and potentially reduce costs in today's tough economy.




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