Cloud cost savings may be difficult to quantify

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While there are many drivers behind implementing cloud services, some hold more weight than others.


Hybrid cloud supports volatile business demands

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While the private and public cloud are both garnering attention in the business landscape, the hybrid cloud is the model of the future, as it combines the benefits of private and public clouds to meet the unique demands of virtually any organization.


Hosting services among vital considerations in private cloud plans

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Defining the cloud is an incredibly difficult process, as there is so much diversity in the sector.


Putting private cloud misconceptions to rest

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The rapid growth of the cloud has brought about a number of challenges and benefits to the private sector.


Companies invest in private cloud to enhance data centers

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Today's organizations are facing a unique complications as decision-makers are forced to balance efficiency and flexibility, customization and standards and a number of other IT aspects that were traditionally considered oxymorons.


Cloud computing considerations

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As the private sector continues to be fueled by technological advances, cloud computing is becoming a necessity.


Cloud needs stronger definition, experts say

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The latest hype cycle report by Gartner suggested that cloud computing is currently in the "trough of disillusionment."


Report: Cloud changing application development industry

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As computing technologies continue to evolve, completely revolutionizing how organizations fundamentally operate, the application development process also changes.


Study: Companies use private, hybrid clouds to mitigate concern

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A new international study of more than 300 IT decision-makers by IDG Research Services revealed that the cloud continues to be a major initiative for enterprises, as more than 60 percent of respondents said they are either implementing or testing the cloud within their organization.


Preparation is key to successful cloud deployments

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As organizations continue to struggle through today's ongoing economic crisis, the business world is becoming an increasingly aggressive place with companies doing everything in their power to survive and remain competitive with rival firms.




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