Study: Businesses taking hybrid cloud computing approach

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A new study by RightScale found that many business executives are now viewing the cloud as a strategic necessity, rather than a competitive advantage.


Cloud computing is finally becoming the norm

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Cloud hosting services are finally catching up to the hype surrounding the technology, as more decision-makers invest in public and private cloud models to enhance efficiency and reduce IT complexity.


Study: More than half of businesses prefer private cloud

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A new survey by CA Technologies revealed that North American businesses are choosing the private cloud over its public counterpart.


Private cloud strategies should not negatively impact public cloud models

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If an organization is postponing or neglecting deploying the cloud for whatever reason, it is likely being outperformed by competitive firms that are leveraging the technology.


Private cloud can help enterprises

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The private cloud has recently been receiving a lot of negative attention, which is not necessarily fair or accurate, according to an InfoWorld report by David Linthicum.


Two steps to establish cloud strategies

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One of the most challenging aspects of migrating to cloud computing environments is determining which underlying technology will power the hosted services.


Australian businesses still don't understand the cloud

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A new survey by software vendor Sage found that mobile and cloud technologies will continue to be an investment priority for Australian business over the next 12 months.


Survey: Private cloud acknowledged for responsiveness, performance improvements

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Cloud technologies are being implemented on a global scale with the private cloud often taking on more importance than its public counterpart.


SMB cloud, virtualization adoption driven by disaster recovery needs

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Small and medium-sized businesses continue to adopt virtualization and cloud technologies to enhance disaster preparedness.


IT investments now standard for business

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In 2011, roughly one-third of overall IT budgets were allocated for cloud managed servers, up from slightly more than one-quarter in 2010,VMware's Global Cloud Adoption survey said, according to a Tech Week Europe report.




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