Implementing good key management practices can prevent hackers from obtaining company information.

Data encryption and key management top priorities for cloud hosting companies

Typically, a cloud host encrypts data coming into the environment, which disables it from being translated by malicious foreign entities. 


Data Encryption and Key Management Top Priorities for Cloud Hosting companies

Typically, a cloud host encrypts data coming into the environment, which prevents it from being translated by malicious foreign entities. 


How the Cloud Enhances Customer Service

Within the past couple of years, IT companies providing cloud storage services have continued to assist businesses in satisfying consumer demand. 


Accessibility is One of the Key Benefits of Outsourcing to the Cloud

Throughout the past couple of years, cloud computing has seen a gradual decrease in costs with recent innovations in the industry.


Analysts Put Public Cloud Market at $107 Billion in 2017

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The growing attention on the public cloud in the business world is due to the need to drive innovation and long-term operations.


Offshore service providers must incorporate cloud computing

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Offshore service providers must consider embracing the cloud if they are to maximize revenue opportunities.


Cloud to be key technology enabler in healthcare

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The healthcare industry is seeking alternative ways to reduce expenses without impairing the quality of service physicians can deliver to patients, all of which are driving cloud demand.


Businesses like public cloud over legacy on-site infrastructure

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Businesses are becoming interested in public cloud computing once again as decision-makers recognize the benefits associated with migrating resources from traditional on-site environments.


Cloud applications, networks should be monitored

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The ongoing use of cloud computing in the workplace means IT decision-makers need to prioritize the efficiency of applications in the hosted environment.


Businesses beginning to converge data center tools

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The cloud infrastructure is changing the data center game, as companies around the world are implementing hosted services as a centralized architecture.




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