Public cloud infrastructure confidence blossoms, study says

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While the cloud computing market is largely growing due to the emergence of new, faithful service providers, the real driving force behind the industry is the increasing amount of trust users are having in the technology.


Cloud storage driven by big data, consumerization in 2013

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The rapid growth of data and applications used in the private sector has given rise to the demand for new storage environments capable of expanding or contracting as needed.


British companies consider migrating everything to cloud

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While businesses in the United States are rapidly adopting cloud computing services to get ahead in today's highly competitive private sector, companies from other parts of the world are also implementing the technology.


Hurricane Sandy increases cloud disaster recovery awareness

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After witnessing the devastating effect Hurricane Sandy had on the private sector, decision-makers around the United States realized the importance of establishing a robust disaster recovery program.


Report: PaaS to generate $2.9 billion in 2016

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Although the overall cloud services market is forecast to continue expanding in the coming years, each cloud model will experience different paces of growth.


Report: Public cloud to exceed $43 billion by 2016

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The public cloud computing market is forecast to experience steady progress in the coming years.


SMBs like public SaaS clouds, study finds

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As the private sector grows increasingly complex, small and medium-sized businesses are finding they are often fighting an uphill battle in an attempt to balance data center scalability with the budget.


Report: Companies leverage cloud computing to eliminate IT problems

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In today's highly competitive business world, any IT problem could prove to be disastrous for an organization.


Solving cloud performance problems though planning

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When the cloud was first introduced, decision-makers expected it to enhance operational efficiency in a number of ways, but they didn't think they had to worry about the cloud environment's stability.


Cloud computing trends support growing mobile workforce desires

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While there are a number of technologies that support remote working, cloud computing is among the most efficient, as it enables employees to access mission-critical resources from virtually anywhere at any time.




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