Big data ingratiates into everyday life

To many, the future of big data remains relatively abstract - many are taking the discussion on cloud computing hosting on a day-by-day basis instead of the long term, but the work of a few forward-thinking minds is changing all of this.


Legacy systems surviving with virtualization

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Creating a virtual version of a device or resource allows companies to better allocate computing actions.

Employing virtualization techniques can significantly reduce the amount of work a server has to perform.

Businesses combine virtualization and open source products

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For companies possessing a limited IT budget but still desiring to operate on a cloud server, employing a virtualization application may be their best option. 


SDN invites new agile opportunities

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Software defined networking (SDN) introduces a new approach to developing and using advanced networks that are capable of supporting next-generation business agility strategies.


SDN offers unique opportunities for app developers, networking pros

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In the age of cloud computing and virtualization, application development operations and employees will get a boost from software-defined networking (SDN).


Enterprises adopting virtualization more willingly, study says

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In the past, organizations used to purchase single or multiple servers for each application. This would often result in low utilization rates, as the systems would usually sit idle when they were not being used.


Virtualization, cloud drive data center changes

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Even though the total number of data centers in the United States has been declining since the economic crisis first impacted the private sector in 2008 and 2009, the capacity within these environments has steadily been on the rise.




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