Report: Server market grows, generates less revenue

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As cloud computing and virtualization technologies continue to disrupt the private sector, the server market is undergoing significant changes.


Companies deploying NAS Optimization to improve server virtualization performance

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As more companies adopt virtualization and cloud computing technologies, the need to ensure the virtual environments perform up to par grows in importance.


SMBs adopting virtualization technologies

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Small and medium-sized businesses around the world are beginning to invest more heavily in virtualization initiatives to accelerate the migration to cloud computing.


Study: Companies still face virtualization, cloud storage issues

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A new study by DataCore Software found that IT executives are more concerned with virtualization and cloud performance issues than they were last year.


Virtualization-essential apps vital for cloud success

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Businesses today are virtualizing workloads to consolidate infrastructure and improve efficiency, while ensuring services are highly available.


Study shows UK companies need virtualization security training

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The introduction of virtualization and cloud computing to the enterprise has completely changed the workplace, allowing organizations to make important solutions more readily available without busting IT budgets.


Virtualization may be the key to success for SMBs

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Small businesses trying to gain a competitive edge over rival firms can benefit from implementing different types of virtualization, as the technology can yield substantial cost savings.


Avoiding virtualization stalls requires planning

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Virtualizing servers gives companies the ability to improve internal efficiency, reduce costs and enhance productivity.


SMBs will increase IT spending in 2012, report says

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There are roughly 8 million small and medium-sized businesses in the United States that will combine to invest more than $138 billion on IT services and solutions in 2012 after several years of flat spending.


Virtualization can improve business continuity

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The rapidly evolving threat landscape is leading more companies to use innovative solutions for disaster recovery plans.




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