Technological 'perfect storm' drives network bandwidth demands

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There is a unique convergence of technologies occurring in today's business world.


Virtualization adoption requires the use of new security tools, report says

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As the private sector grows more competitive, organizations are looking for new technologies capable of enhancing operations, reducing costs and boosting performance.


Cloud computing, virtualization both have faults, promises

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For several years, enterprises have been migrating data, applications and servers to virtual environments that are not connected to hardware.


Study: Virtualization adoption in full swing

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Businesses in the United States and Europe are taking full advantage of cloud computing and virtualization technologies to gain a competitive advantage over rival firms and reduce overall IT spending.


Report: Server market grows, generates less revenue

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As cloud computing and virtualization technologies continue to disrupt the private sector, the server market is undergoing significant changes.


Companies deploying NAS Optimization to improve server virtualization performance

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As more companies adopt virtualization and cloud computing technologies, the need to ensure the virtual environments perform up to par grows in importance.


SMBs adopting virtualization technologies

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Small and medium-sized businesses around the world are beginning to invest more heavily in virtualization initiatives to accelerate the migration to cloud computing.


Study: Companies still face virtualization, cloud storage issues

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A new study by DataCore Software found that IT executives are more concerned with virtualization and cloud performance issues than they were last year.


Virtualization-essential apps vital for cloud success

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Businesses today are virtualizing workloads to consolidate infrastructure and improve efficiency, while ensuring services are highly available.


Study shows UK companies need virtualization security training

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The introduction of virtualization and cloud computing to the enterprise has completely changed the workplace, allowing organizations to make important solutions more readily available without busting IT budgets.




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