Businesses sprinting toward cloud computing

Today, companies across the globe are placing their trust in cloud hosting services.


iPad shaping future of cloud

If Apple's recent showing is any indication, cloud hosting services appear to be shifting the center of digital life sooner rather than later.


Take small steps for successful cloud integration

For many corporations, a quick and complete embrace of cloud infrastructure is not the optimal strategy. There are more gradual integration methods, however, that allow businesses to choose only the cloud technologies that are correct for them.


Cloud computing poised to be next big job creator

According to a new report sponsored by SAP, cloud hosting services have the potential to become a larger job generator in the United States than the internet in its developmental years.


Cloud keeps Boston businesses running without power

On March 13 Boston's Back Bay neighborhood was plunged into darkness following a transformer fire that left thousands without power. Thanks to cloud servers, the following morning went on as normal.


Banks looking to adopt cloud technologies

Cloud infrastructure is being used increasingly frequently by enterprises because of the plethora of advantages the technology brings.


Report: Government agencies experience massive savings through virtualization

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Government agencies represent one of the most notable demographics to benefit from implementing cloud servers and virtualization technologies.


Desktop virtualization market to grow, study notes

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In today's highly technical world, organizations are investing in innovative technologies to remain in tow with cultural demands.


Data virtualization to grow in importance

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Organizations should anticipate chaos in the coming years as data volumes explode.


Study: IT professionals expanding their role

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With the advent of cloud computing and virtualization, IT employees are planning to invest more time and effort into helping their companies take full advantage of these technologies in order to become a bigger asset.




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Hospital CIOs push for cloud computing

The United States Affordable Care Act and requirements outlined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have forced health care industry participants to reduce treatment expenses. 

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