Study: Businesses need advanced solutions to keep up with virtualization

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Although virtualization and cloud computing services help companies reduce costs and improve efficiency, the technology also makes business operations much more complex.


Virtualization, new clouds to trend in 2012

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The explosion of big data, cloud computing and virtualization will all be major technology trends in 2012, according to a CIO Update report.


Report: Cloud computing, virtualization technologies to see wider use in 2012

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Many analysts believe 2012 will be a very disruptive year for IT, as innovations are created and utilized by businesses across a number of industries.


IT spending to slow in Western Europe, study finds

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Organizations around the world are experiencing the constricting effect of the down economy on their IT budgets and businesses in Western Europe are no exception.


Virtualization myths can be overcome

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While cloud computing is being more widely utilized, there is often a slight hesitation when companies look toward virtualization strategies.


Two out of five CIOs cite virtualization as top priority in 2012, report says

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In 2012, chief information officers aim to leverage virtualization technologies, as more than 40 percent of survey respondents claimed the services were the top IT priority for their business.


Report: Service providers use virtualization to expand data centers, increase revenue

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In a recent report, market analyst firm Infonetics Research interviewed representatives from 19 major telecoms and other service providers and found that the majority of them were planning to implement virtualization technologies to expand their data centers.


Virtualization market to consolidate in coming years, experts believe

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As more organizations deploy virtualized environments in 2012, IT professionals believe that uniform hypervisor support and management will become necessary in order for businesses to utilize the technology.


Hybrid clouds, desktop virtualization to have big years in 2012, expert believes

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As 2011 wraps up, many professionals are making predictions as to what the IT industry will experience in 2012.


Virtualized environments need to be managed correctly

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More organizations have realized that by virtualizing their data centers, they were able to lower the necessary number of physical servers, resulting in lower energy bills and less maintenance.




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