Migration to virtual desktops, servers to begin in 2012

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While many large corporations have made plans to deploy or have already implemented virtualization technology, the trend is just beginning to catch on among smaller companies.


Virtual environments need backup, recovery services

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Deploying virtualization within an office space will often enable businesses to save money and improve efficiency.


Server virtualization improves business efficiency

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Server virtualization can help improve a business' efficiency and agility.


Even though desktop virtualization slows, it still grows

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Many organizations are either slowing their adoption of desktop virtualization or completely avoiding the subject.


Report: Data virtualization can better a company's agility

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Business agility is a basic necessity for companies of all sizes, leading many toward data virtualization, which has been proven to improve deployment time for solutions.


Cloud computing, virtualization help a company on the move

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Small businesses that are looking to relocate can benefit from the cloud.


Automated virtual data centers can lead to private cloud

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As virtualization grows within the workplace, the complexity of business environments will inevitably increase, making it more difficult for organizations to implement private cloud technology.


Considerations when becoming virtualized

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At a recent conference hosted at Collabworks, a virtual enterprise focused company, several chief technology officers from large software corporations gave advice on how an organization can reorganize its infrastructure to be more virtualized, according to CIO.


Small businesses continuing to use cloud computing, virtualization

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A recent survey from SmallBiz Technology polled small businesses throughout the company to research current trends on certain emerging technologies including cloud computing and virtualization.


Virtualization is not the cloud, says expert

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Many individuals believe that virtualization and cloud computing are one in the same.




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