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Case Study - Gomez

Gomez Supports a High-Volume Load-Testing SaaS Platform on GoGrid's Cloud Infrastructure

Gomez, the Web performance division of Compuware, provides the industry's leading solutions for optimizing the performance, availability, and quality of Web and mobile applications. The on-demand Gomez platform integrates solutions for Web load testing, Web performance management, Web cross-browser testing, and Web performance business analysis that test and measure Web and mobile applications from the "outside-in"—across all users, browsers, devices, and geographies—using a global network of over 100,000 locations. When combined with Compuware Vantage, Gomez offers the industry's only solution for optimizing application performance across the enterprise and the Internet. More than 3,000 customers worldwide, ranging from small companies to large enterprises—including 12 of the top 20 most visited US websites—use Gomez solutions to increase revenue, build brand loyalty, and decrease costs.


Early on, Gomez recognized the possibilities of harnessing the cloud. With the world's most comprehensive performance-monitoring network, Gomez needed a reliable, flexible, and established infrastructure provider to support its software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for high-volume load testing. Gomez wanted to establish numerous virtual footprints in several locations to complement its end-user-focused Last Mile network. Testing from among 100,000+ real, consumer-grade desktops around the world (the Last Mile) uncovers specific performance problems based on real end-user experiences. Gomez needed the perfect partner to compliment their scalable, on-demand data center hardware for driving high volumes of traffic while measuring the impact of that data center load on the real end-user experience.


The ability to meet customer needs while remaining flexible was critical in Gomez's search for an infrastructure provider. Together with GoGrid, Gomez created a West Coast footprint that allows customers to schedule and load test their Web applications in a specific geographic location. Further integration of GoGrid Cloud Servers in the Gomez platform provides customers with a seamless and flexible cloud environment.


Offering customers the ability to test and measure Web applications across users, multiple browsers mobile devices and geographies requires a consistent and reliable network. Gomez can assure success for their customers by combining more than 100,000 locations along with the power of the cloud through the inclusion of the GoGrid infrastructure in their offering.

– In the first month after deployment, more than 1/4 of the tests were using the GoGrid West Coast footprint.
– Able to meet the varying needs of different clients and to offer many alternatives.
– No CapEx needed for infrastructure—can fully leverage and reap the benefits of the cloud.

"GoGrid's an established cloud hosting company that could deliver the Internet infrastructure we were looking for and had the features and automation we needed to meet our business timeline."

– Colin Mason, Reality Load Product Manager

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Using GoGrid, Gomez has been able to:

  • Conduct 1/4 of tests on new infrastructure only 1 month after deployment
  • Test and measure web apps across users, browsers, devices, and geos
  • Leverage the benefits of the cloud to eliminate CapEx for infrastructure
  • Optimize application performance for thousands of customers worldwide


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