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Case Study - Intersect Digital

Intersect Digital Uses a Flexible Cloud + Dedicated Infrastructure from GoGrid to Balance Its Business

Intersect Digital LLC is a digital marketing agency that has developed a reputation as the go-to firm when client expectations are high, time to deliver is short, and clients' staffs are overextended. Composed of a group of former agency leaders who knew there was a better way to handle digital marketing production, Intersect brings an insider's knowledge and the skills to handle any project to clients whose brands and agencies are among the best known in the world.


With a roster of several Fortune 500 clients, Intersect needed a flexible solution that would be affordable, yet scale easily to meet demand when traffic spiked. The integrity of the data collected was also of utmost importance to their clients—keeping the database on two replicated dedicated database servers with an additional backup service was required. Intersect was using dedicated server hosting for client projects, which was not only expensive, but presented a challenge when traffic spiked or a campaign ended its cycle and competed with compute resources for testing & development.


GoGrid designed a flexible architecture that brings Intersect the best of the cloud and physical server worlds, all on-demand. Conscious of Intersect's Fortune 500 clientele and the company's desire to assure clients that data was secure, GoGrid included a managed backup service for additional data security and a managed hardware firewall for secure connections between the Cloud Servers and physical servers.


– Easily scale GoGrid Cloud Servers to handle traffic spikes.
– Flexibility allows for quick deployment of GoGrid Cloud Servers, making dev & test easier.
– Back-end dedicated database servers provide peace of mind for clients and maximum data security and performance.

"It's a pretty neat solution, and it's much more cost-effective for a system that's only used a lot a few days each month."

– Ore Nuga, Senior Analyst

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Using GoGrid, Intersect Digital has been able to:

  • Scale to handle traffic spikes as needed
  • Easily deploy additional Cloud Servers, streamlining dev & test
  • Ensure data security with Dedicated Servers


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