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Case Study - MoxyMedia

GoGrid Provides On-Demand Scaling to Manage MoxyMedia's Internet Traffic Spikes

MoxyMedia is a leading online media publishing firm with over 300 internet properties, each providing consumers with information and access to products and services across 20 broad themes, including legal & medical services, finance, electronics, health & fitness, fashion, education, home & garden, automotive, and travel.


With more than 15 million visitors to its sites each month, MoxyMedia needed to expand its existing colocated physical servers to handle traffic spikes. The ability to rapidly scale and continue to leverage its existing physical servers was essential in the construction of MoxyMedia's IT solution.


Collaboration was key in creating a unique hybrid infrastructure that allowed for rapid expansion via GoGrid Cloud Servers and MoxyMedia's colocated physical servers housed in the GoGrid data center. Because of a longstanding partnership, GoGrid recognized that the allocation of time and resources were of utmost importance to MoxyMedia. Helping MoxyMedia in a consultative manner, GoGrid was able to build a custom solution that linked GoGrid Cloud Servers and MoxyMedia's existing colocated physical servers via a private VLAN. Worries about traffic spikes were effectively eliminated and MoxyMedia was able to focus on successfully managing its Internet properties.


– Easily scale Cloud Servers to meet traffic spikes on-demand
– No downtime
– Avenue for rapid expansion: don't have to wait for hardware
– Cost-effective
– Continue to leverage existing physical servers

"The GoGrid platform is fast, efficient, and cost-effective."

– Dave Horsey, Director of IT

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Using GoGrid, MoxyMedia has been able to:

  • Easily scale to meet traffic spikes on-demand
  • Create an efficient custom cloud infrastructure
  • Support 15 million website visitors per month


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