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Case Study - OnCampus Advertising

OnCampus Advertising Creates a Scalable SaaS Architecture on GoGrid

OnCampus Advertising is a media agency focused on the college student market. The company works with national brands, developing and executing multiple-campus media plans that reach college students across the US and Canada.


OnCampus Advertising established a successful business because of its ability to focus on its core competencies. As the company's customer base grew, so did the desire to increase the depth and breadth of its services. When OnCampus Advertising approached GoGrid, its infrastructure wasn't allowing it to drive business forward and implementing its unique software-as-a-service (SaaS) application was in peril. The company needed an IT infrastructure that would help it continue down the path of growth, but wasn't sure how to proceed.

Unique challenges to OnCampus Advertising:
– Used shared hosting for a "brochure-ware" website
– Had a very small IT footprint
– Had only limited on-site technical expertise
– Had a road map for growth, but not the infrastructure to support that growth


With the help of GoGrid's consultative account management team, OnCampus Advertising created a robust production environment to meet its growing needs. What the company needed was a scalable infrastructure built to grow business, but one that allowed it to continue to focus on what it did best. The answer: a flexible GoGrid infrastructure solution that combined the best of the cloud and dedicated worlds, enabling OnCampus Advertising to launch its SaaS service, reduce CapEx, and meet customer demand instantly by scaling its cloud + dedicated architecture as needed.

As Dunning explained, “GoGrid’s cloud + dedicated server solution is well-suited for the growing network needs of our recently launched SaaS web application. Although the front-end application didn’t need extensive processing power, the database on the back end required a high-performance environment. Using this solution, we were able to economically deploy load-balanced web servers in the cloud to handle the application and a dedicated, heavy-duty server for the database. The system lets us reduce or eliminate CapEx and quickly scale our infrastructure as our user base grows, so we can build out our network in parallel to our business.”


With a GoGrid cloud + dedicated architecture, OnCampus Advertising was able to:
– Offer a unique SaaS service to college newspapers, allowing them to manage their online advertising inventory
– Grow its online business and remain competitive
– Scale its architecture to meet growth at a fraction of the cost presented by third parties
– Continue to focus on its core business, not its IT infrastructure.

"As non-technical entrepreneurs, we needed a service team that we could rely on to educate us, advise on network infrastructure, and be available on short notice when needed. The GoGrid team has given us confidence that we're getting the advice we need to meet our growing network needs and rapid responses when issues arise."

– William Dunning, Principal

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Using GoGrid, OnCampus Advertising has been able to:

  • Grow its online business and remain competitive
  • Cost-effectively scale its architecture to match its growth
  • Offer a unique SaaS service so college newspapers can manage online advertising


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