GoGrid's HIPAA Solution Bundle

HIPAA Solution Bundle

We’ve packaged cloud infrastructure and managed services to help you comply with the US Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

  • Features application and database server isolation, breach monitoring and vulnerability assessment reporting, and failover services
  • Includes Managed Security and Managed Monitoring Services
  • Outlines perimeter to physical layers and reporting needs and responsibilities


GoGrid’s HIPAA Solution Bundle is designed to be highly available out-of-the-box and includes a recommended set of infrastructure components, managed security monitoring, and reporting. By partnering with GoGrid, customers can achieve HIPAA compliance and get to market faster. We provide a handy matrix that delineates GoGrid’s responsibilities from the customer’s, so there are no surprises or misunderstandings about what is covered by whom.

Infrastructure Component Regular Price Solution Bundle
4 Medium (2 GB RAM, 2 Cores, 100 GB Storage) Cloud Servers (2 US-West, 2 US-East) $262.80/month ($65.70/month each)
4 Dynamic Load Balancers (2 US-West, 2 US-East) $87.86/month ($21.90/month each)
Geographic Failover $79/month
Managed Security Service:
- Breach Monitoring
- Breach Alerting
- Vulnerability Assessment Reporting
- IDS Protection
- Monthly Compliance Reporting
$650/month ($450/month for the service + $50/month each Cloud Server)
Managed Monitoring Service:
- Monitoring check types: Ping, TCP Port Scanning, HTTP GET
- Proactive alerting via a GoGrid Case when alert is triggered
$100/month ($25/month each Cloud Server)
Managed DDoS Mitigation Included
Firewall Security Group Included
Total $1,179.66/month (as individual products) $1,061.69/month (10% discount for bundled solution) or $10,616.90/year (10% discount)

HIPAA Responsibility Matrix

Following is a chart listing the components of compliance and whether compliance activities are the responsibility of GoGrid, of the customer, or of both parties.

Responsibility GoGrid Customer Notes
Perimeter Layer
IP Reputation Filtering GoGrid has a virtual console service through its web-based management console. Any other filtering needs to be set up by the customer.
DDoS Mitigation GoGrid provides customers with protection against large-rate network attacks (does not include slow read attacks, application attacks, or HTTP DDoS attacks).
Application Layer
Application Firewall
Network Layer
Intrusion Detection GoGrid provides network IDS services through its Managed Security Service (Linux only) or through its Cisco IPS offering.
Network Firewall GoGrid manages and monitors all Cisco ASA devices (a dedicated firewall offering) on behalf of customers. However, customers are responsible for managing and monitoring GoGrid’s Firewall Service (a self-service firewall offering).
External Network Vulnerability Scanning
Internal Network Vulnerability Scanning GoGrid’s Managed Security Service performs daily vulnerability scans.
Secure Remote Access
Encryption in Transit
Log Management GoGrid’s Managed Security Service provides log management and monitoring for system logs and for Cisco ASA firewall logs. Customers are responsible for managing and monitoring GoGrid’s Firewall Service logs.
Server Layer
Hardened Operating System
Secure Remote Administrative Access
OS Patching
AV Protection
Log Management GoGrid’s Managed Security Service provides log management and monitoring for system logs and for Cisco ASA firewall logs.
Time Synchronization
File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) GoGrid’s Managed Security Service provides continuous FIM.
Physical Layer
Rogue Wireless Scanning
Physical Security GoGrid manages and monitors the physical security.
Encryption of Data at Rest
Secure Data Deletion
Administrative Controls
Change Control GoGrid’s Managed Security Service provides visibility to system changes.
Incident Response GoGrid’s Managed Security Service provides incident response and breach notification for customers.
Data Backup
Access Control
Security Audits
Secure Data Deletion
HIPAA Reporting GoGrid provides a monthly HIPAA report to help customers with their HIPAA compliance programs.


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