GoGrid CTO to Speak at Women 2.0’s May Silicon Valley Meetup

Presentation Will Focus on How Teams Address Product Release Go/No-Go Challenges

San Francisco, Calif. — April 28, 2014 — GoGrid, the leader in Open Data Services (ODS), is pleased to announce that its CTO and SVP of Engineering, Heather McKelvey, will speak at the upcoming . Women 2.0 City Meetup on Thursday, May 1, in Menlo Park. In her presentation, McKelvey will discuss how to navigate the difficult issues around deciding when a product is “good enough” for release. Hosted by Women 2.0, whose mission is to strengthen technology businesses by connecting, inspiring and educating the next generation of technology leaders, the event will include two presentations as well as a Q&A and networking session.

“As a team leader, it’s important to ask the hard questions about the cost of not releasing a product, even if you still plan to add greater functionality later,” McKelvey said. “Asking these questions lets you and the team make an informed business decision about minimal viable functionality and leads to healthy dialogue that keeps the company focused on prioritizing additional functionality in future releases.”

As CTO, McKelvey frames the technical vision for GoGrid’s cloud. Thanks to her leadership, GoGrid offers the only cloud infrastructure purpose-built for Big Data, enabling companies to easily evaluate and run innovative Big Data solutions using GoGrid’s 1-Button Deploy™ technology. McKelvey was recently named one of 2014’s Top 5 Most Influential Women in the Data Center Industry and has been nominated for CloudNow’s Top Women in Cloud Innovation Award, 2014.

“Women 2.0 City Meetup”
Presentation and Q&A

Heather McKelvey, CTO & SVP Engineering, GoGrid (@hamckelvey)
Heidi Roizen, Operating Partner, DFJ (@HeidiRoizen)

Thursday, May 1, 2014
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm PT

Carr & Ferrell LLP
120 Constitution Drive
Menlo Park, CA 94025

For additional information or to register for the event, please click here. For more news and updates, follow @GoGrid on Twitter.

About GoGrid
GoGrid enables companies to evaluate and run multiple, on-demand Big Data solutions quickly, simply, reliably, securely, and cost-effectively. As the leader in Open Data Services (ODS), GoGrid is committed to delivering purpose-built Big Data solutions and services for the management and integration of open source, commercial, and proprietary technologies across multiple platforms. With over 15,000 customers and over 600,000 VMs deployed, GoGrid has pioneered cloud infrastructure for more than a decade for companies like Condé Nast, Merkle, and Preventice. For more information, please visit www.gogrid.com.

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Monday, April 28, 2014


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