GoGrid Deploys Private Connectivity Bridge to its Cloud Inside Equinix Data Centers

San Francisco, Calif. - September 5, 2013 - GoGrid, a leading cloud infrastructure company, today announced a new solution for establishing a dedicated network connection from any corporate data center or co-location environment to GoGrid's public cloud located at Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers in Amsterdam and Washington, DC. The easy-to-use Cloud Bridge solution offers a high-availability service that provides redundancy options, but doesn't require a VPN or firewall. Cloud Bridge reduces jitter by providing a more consistent network experience over Internet connections, allowing customers to leverage the equipment they have already purchased or leased while taking advantage of the cloud's inherent scalability, cost savings, and resiliency. GoGrid has also joined the Equinix Ethernet Exchange and will offer the new Cloud Bridge solution in its US West and US East Coast data centers.

With this new service, customers can leverage a low-cost, highly available solution built for the cloud to protect their infrastructure from intrusions without having to manage the firewall on a host or through third-party applications. In GoGrid's SDN architecture, management is centralized while activities are distributed. This design allows for greater resiliency, resulting in a Firewall Service that customers can manage programmatically via GoGrid's management console or a public RESTful API. The new Firewall Service is available free to all customers.

"Today's customers have complex needs that can't always be met with existing data center equipment," said Bobby Brown, SVP Global Operations at GoGrid. "Companies can now take advantage of the scalability and elasticity of the cloud while leveraging any existing investments they've made in their data center. Cloud Bridge gives these organizations a simple, low-cost network connection for unlimited traffic that doesn't require physical equipment purchase, setup, or maintenance."

"GoGrid is creating a painless on-ramp to its public cloud by offering Cloud Bridge from our IBX data centers and via the Equinix Ethernet Exchange," said Chris Sharp, general manager, cloud and content, for Equinix. "Each IBX data center delivers standards compliance and comprehensive physical security to safeguard customer data. In addition, the rich business ecosystems inside our data centers provide opportunities for companies like GoGrid to connect with customers and partners to rapidly deploy a scalable, global footprint."

Cloud Bridge is ideal for companies that are just migrating to the cloud or that want to offload specific workloads such as Big Data to a cloud infrastructure. With Cloud Bridge, companies can support cloud "bursting" seamlessly from their on-premises locations. The optional dual-port redundancy option delivers a reliable disaster and recovery service with a 100 percent uptime guarantee backed by GoGrid's SLA.

Pricing and Availability
GoGrid's Cloud Bridge is currently available. Pricing is based on the desired port speed from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps; there is no charge for data transfer and no long-term commitment is required. For more information on this new connectivity option, including monthly and annual pricing, please visit: http://www.gogrid.com/products/infrastructure-cloud-bridge

About GoGrid
GoGrid is a leading provider of public, private, and "hybrid" cloud solutions. Our unique cloud platform runs on a high-performance network fabric that supports high-compute Big Data applications, high-availability ad networks, and other specialized solutions. With a proven track record and robust patent portfolio, GoGrid is a recognized industry thought leader. For more information, please visit www.gogrid.com.

PR publication date: 
Thursday, September 5, 2013


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