Cloud computing can improve security

A new report from CIO.com found that the Cloud Security Alliance is one by-product of the cloud that improve overall enterprise IT security moving forward.

Aside from federal regulations, there are very few guidelines for both vendors and users in terms of securing their solutions and networks. At the earliest stages of cloud adoption, experts worried about security. While the issue still persists, the CSA and other leaders in enterprise IT are working to develop standards for companies to ensure their dedicated servers are fully secure.

Even as cloud computing is expected to continue its ascent, there are still some issues that need attention. However, according to CIO, the CSA is hesitant to develop hard standards businesses must adhere to. The organization believes any regulations should be created by industry groups, such as the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, rather than an IT union. The CSA, according to CIO, would rather serve as an advisory group in developing the standard rather than doing it unilaterally.

The need for reliable and standardized security grows stronger every day. According to a report from CompTIA, 56 percent of 500 companies included in a recent poll plan to increase their investment in the cloud in the next 12 months. 

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