Businesses adopting cloud computing throughout IT

Initially, enterprise IT adoption of cloud computing dealt mostly with SaaS solutions. However, a new report from market research firm CompTIA found 56 percent of companies surveyed plan to expand their investment in cloud computing in the next 12 months.

CompTIA expected enterprise IT spending on the cloud to grow by 10 percent in that time, based on the responses of 500 executives polled in June. While IaaS and PaaS often require IT administrators to approve deployments, the simplicity of SaaS solutions, in terms of both installation and use, has enabled multiple departments to adopt them without receiving permission from IT.
According to CompTIA, companies are so confident in the value of SaaS that more than 20 percent of them have given this ability to other areas of the business.

Despite the overall simplicity of cloud computing and its value, CompTIA found that 60 percent of respondents are still slightly unclear on the true meaning of cloud computing. However, the information they have received has led to a better perception of the cloud, according to CompTIA.

SaaS solutions have proven to be the most versatile element of the cloud, as companies have turned to them for tasks ranging from email archiving to customer relationship management and office productivity.

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