Aberdeen report reveals interesting trends about cloud computing

Market research firm the Aberdeen Group recently reported that medium-sized companies were the largest adopters of cloud computing, with more than 48 percent reporting the presence of some cloud solution.

While small businesses and large companies are both expected to increase adoption moving forward, medium-sized businesses appear to best situated for the cloud. Many IT experts believe the cloud is both less expensive and more capable than traditional IT. However, it does represent certain challenges, simply in terms of changing IT. Small businesses may shy away from this to avoid downtime, while large companies have far more existing technology to move.

Aside from strict adoption figures, Aberdeen's report also found that companies without cloud solutions experience four times as much downtime as those using on-premise IT. In terms of the motivation for adoption, 66 percent of companies using the cloud do so as disaster recovery and backup by using dedicated servers to house data. More than 55 percent reported that IT expenses were growing too quickly and the cloud made it easier to adjust.

Other research firms have predicted the future of the cloud to be equally strong. According to Forrester Research, the cloud will generate more than $240 billion in revenue by 2020.

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