Global cloud market to expand rapidly thanks to dedicated servers

A new report from a Taiwanese research firm pegged the global cloud computing market to reach $42 billion by 2014, up from the $12.3 billion it earned in 2009. The cloud is on pace to grow five times as quickly as the IT market as a whole with businesses around the world looking to leverage the new technology.

Both the public and private cloud markets are faring well at the moment. In the consumer sector, SaaS applications and cloud hosting services have grown in popularity. Meanwhile, enterprise IT departments are enjoying the flexibility offered by using dedicated servers and other forms of cloud computing to implement highly capable and agile solutions.

As the cloud has become more prominent, a number of other IT solutions have grown in value to ensure the cloud operates with few issues. According to a number of IT news organizations, middleware and data backup services are growing more popular as companies look to eliminate latency and downtime altogether.

Backup services are among the most frequently praised aspects of the cloud. For enterprise IT, issues, such as natural disaster and employees mistakes, can be offset greatly by employing a cloud-based backup system.

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