Reliable data migration key during move to the cloud

For businesses moving critical data to either a public or private cloud, there are certain steps necessary to ensure a successful move, InformationWeek contributor Kevin Casey reported recently.

Before a project begins, Casey recommends taking certain precautions should information vanish during the move from an on-premise server to the cloud. Vendors and in-house IT staff are advised to be in constant contact to address any issues immediately. The news provider also believes having employees access and use the information immediately after the move will help identify any issues.

While businesses often turn to the cloud to save money, spending during the integration process will help eliminate certain problems. This may seem counter intuitive, but failing to spend on precautions upfront could negatively impact cost savings moving forward.

Data backup is the final recommendation, according to Casey. Given the current value of data and its rapid growth, backing up information throughout its lifecycle is critical to a successful migration.

Currently, medium-sized businesses are the largest adopters of cloud solutions, both public and private, according to a new study from the Aberdeen Group. However, as more small businesses turn to the cloud, data protection, through security and backup, will likely become even more important.

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