Private cloud computing makes sense for some

A new report from LifeHacker found that private cloud infrastructure is ideal for many companies. According to the news provider, the most frequent adopters of private cloud solutions are companies with substantial regulatory responsibilities.

The most obvious example, LifeHacker reports, is the financial industry. Throughout the world, financial businesses are among the most heavily regulated companies. Aside from archiving and data management regulations, these businesses are required to provide reports of financial activity to various governmental authorities throughout the year. A single piece of lost information can result in major fines and a severely damaged reputation.

While many organizations have found that private cloud deployments can be more expensive than public cloud use, the security often proves enough of a motivation to go private. According to LifeHacker, application integration is another benefit of the private cloud. Since more companies have turned to customized software, the process for ensuring these solutions work together properly is an additional IT task. The private cloud makes this process simpler and more secure, according to the news provider.

Application integration is quickly becoming a critical element of cloud deployments, experts say. Without proper middleware solutions, the convenience offered by many cloud applications could be offset.

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