Private cloud valuable, but not for everyone

A new report from GCN.com found that some organizations using private clouds do so solely to avoid adjustments to their IT infrastructure. While the private cloud is the best option for some organizations, it can limit the true value of a cloud to others.

The primary reason a company turns to the private cloud is to ensure optimum security. For companies with compliance responsibilities, this can make more sense. However, some IT decision-makers appear to be using more expensive private cloud solutions solely because they represent less risk, according to GCN.

Whether or not a company's network is secure, there is still some data they're hesitant to move to the cloud. The private cloud exists for this reason. It's more secure than a truly public cloud and more flexible than traditional on-premise IT solutions. There are some drawbacks, but, for companies unwilling or unable to outsource the management of certain data entirely, a private cloud is a strong alternative.

A recent report from LifeHacker found that compliance represents the main reason a business refuses to move to the public cloud. However, the use of a private cloud can help organizations with substantial compliance responsibilities reduce expenses without spending too heavily.

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