Deliberate move to cloud computing beneficial for federal government

In recent years, businesses around the United States have aggressively adopted cloud computing to leverage the technology's improved flexibility. However, Forbes recently reported the federal government has encouraged a more deliberate approach to learn from the mistakes of some companies.

Under Vivek Kundra, who recently left his post, the federal government made it clear its IT future was in the cloud. However, rolling out the technology slowly helped avoid periods of stagnation within federal IT that often come with platform changes for such large organizations.

Despite the improvements cloud computing often brings to a company, many IT experts favor a gradual implementation to avoid any issues with installation.

Forbes noted that risk management plans should be used when migrating to the cloud. The issues in this plan should possible responses to loss of data governance, portability, and compliance issues. While many businesses have successfully navigated all of these topics in the cloud, a clearly defined plan to do so successfully is critical, according to Forbes.

Prior to leaving his post earlier this month, Kundra urged the government to continue its move to the cloud in the name of saving money and boosting efficiency.

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