Indian market for cloud computing to see growth

A new report from Research and Markets found that the Indian cloud computing market will grow by more than 50 percent each year between 2011 and 2015. The trend is line with predictions for cloud computing markets in other global IT powers, such as the United States.

Both the public and private cloud sectors will contribute to the strength of cloud value in India. Additionally, Research and Markets expects all three major forms of cloud computing - SaaS, PaaS and IaaS - to contribute to the success of the cloud, as businesses use the technology throughout their IT infrastructure.

Dedicated servers are expected to play a major role in the growth of the cloud in the country. Cloud backup has risen to such prominence that businesses of all sizes - and even consumers- have opted to use online backup and other forms of storage in the cloud for disaster recovery.

Other factors contributing the cloud's growth include increased activity within the small- and medium-sized businesses in the nation.

In the U.S., medium-sized businesses have become the most frequent adopters of cloud computing, according to the Aberdeen Group. However, small businesses are expected to contribute substantially moving forward.

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