Small businesses continuing to use cloud computing, virtualization

A recent survey from SmallBiz Technology polled small businesses throughout the company to research current trends on certain emerging technologies including cloud computing and virtualization. Although not all respondents are using these technologies, many of them have already implemented the services.

Out of all of the responding companies, the majority of them are already using cloud computing, as roughly 83 percent have already implemented the service, according to the news source. This may be because the public cloud allows organizations to pay only for the capacity that they use, making it much more affordable.

Additionally, the survey found that 17 percent of respondents have already begun using virtualization in the workplace. Although not as many businesses are using virtualization, the technology is still in demand and expected to increase.

According to ABI Research, the desktop virtualization market is expected to increase to $5 billion by 2016. This is because many businesses are expected to want the lowered overall energy requirements and the disaster recovery services that the virtual desktops provide.

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