US government continues to consider cloud

According to the Government Business Council, the United States will spend the most on IT in the coming years, as it is expected to invest $80 billion in IT research. A major section will be cloud computing.

The U.S. cloud computing strategy revolves around consolidating data centers. Currently, there are 2,094 federal data centers. However, 195 data centers are expected to close by 2012, and 800 will be closed by 2015. These moves, along with the migration to cloud computing, should help the country save money, the news source reported.

Additionally, more than half of internet users who have used a cloud computing application said that it was easier compared to traditional methods. However, some organizations are worried about the lag time between setting up the cloud and using it, according to the GBC.

"Agencies need to focus on the advantages cloud computing brings for reducing the complexity of contracting, acquisition," David McClure, the associate administrator of the GSA Office of Citizens Services and Innovative Technologies, said in a GSA report. "They can leave the hard work and maintaining adequate performance to the cloud service provider."

MarketsandMarkets expects that the cloud computing market will grow to more than $121 billion in 2015. As more government agencies continue to invest in IT, this number will most likely continue to increase.

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