What businesses should ask themselves when migrating to the cloud

Before a company makes the switch to get rid of traditional IT services and move to the cloud, it should ask itself questions to make sure that the process will be simple and worthwhile in the end, according to Joe McKendrick in a Forbes report.

One of the first topics that needs to be addressed is which applications should be moved to the cloud. Single business processes, such as human resources or marketing tasks, are easier to move to the cloud because they are more focused, the news source reported.

Additionally, since cloud computing is a basic form of outsourcing, an organization should consider if there are any productivity hindrances to outsourcing. Any problems that would cause hassle with outsourcing would cause the same problems with a migration to the cloud. These can include problems with long-term arrangements, switching costs, or situations where in-house services just cannot be matched with external support, McKendrick asserted.

According to a report by 451 Market Monitor, the cloud computing market will exceed $16 billion in sales by 2013. This estimation demonstrates that organizations are becoming familiar with the cloud and are asking the right questions during the migration.

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