Cloud continues to grow, forcing organizations to make decisions

As cloud computing continues to grow and gain more presence in the IT industry, many IT professionals believe it will soon hit its "tipping point," according to Ray DePena, an IT expert, in a CloudTweaks report.

Many organizations are still hesitant to migrate to the service even though the cloud offers a number of benefits to its users, including saving money, increasing productivity and acting as a data recovery resource in the event of a disaster. These organizations believe that they can continue their current practices, DePena asserted.

However, when the cloud grows to a point when nearly every organization is using it, older generation providers will most likely be forced to change their business models or fail. This will inevitably make it harder for organizations not using the cloud to find software services and make the experience more expensive as the provider will most likely have fewer customers, according to DePena.

This tipping point will force businesses to continue maintaining unsupported software, look for another vendor or ultimately migrate to the cloud, he continued.

According to a number of different reports, the cloud computing market is expected to do nothing but increase. Forrester Research predicts that the public cloud market will grow to nearly $160 billion by 2020, increasing from $25.5 billion in 2011.

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